Force uninstall of Citrix

I ran into a problem where I was trying to uninstall XenApp5 from my Windows 2008 server. The uninstall process initially gather’s information about the application installed, and then an error message pops up and kicks off your RDP session, or it simply can’t uninstall XenApp

To force the uninstall of XenApp, see the following article on Citrix website

Essentially you need to open command prompt, browse to the directory where your source mps.msi file is. I copied the source CD to the server so it’s C:\Installs\XA50_WS2008_EN\XenApp Server\w2k8 then type the command:

msiexec /x mps.msi /L*v c:\output.log CTX_MF_FORCE_SUBSYSTEM_UNINSTALL=Yes

Force uninstall of Citrix

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